The Construction Management Process

By September 29, 2013construction

Building a house in Costa Rica is a complicated process involving several parties with the need of detailed construction management to assure that the construction will be finished in budget and in time. Below is a basic outline with the main steps involved in that process. Some of those processes especially in the design stage are iterative so for example after making a sketch and a basic architectural drawing a first costs estimate might indicate a building cost above budget in which case the design process has to be started again.

Design and engineering

  • Sketch and space plan
  • Establishment of a basic budget
  • Architectural drawings
  • Construction drawings with engineering
  • Cost Estimate and Construction Timeline


  • Financial and Cash Flow Planning
  • Mortgage or Owners Equity


  • Environmental permits (Setena D2, D1)
  • Building permits, Insurance & Social Security


  • Traditional procurement with Design – Bid – Build approach The architect or engineer is the project coordinator from design to finish. See possible problems with that type of procurement and the shared responsibilities here.
  • Design and Build:  Newer building management solution where one chosen entity which is usually not the design professional is in charge of design and the whole building process until completion. Advantage is that there is only one partner and only one responsibility exists for the project from start to finish.

Construction Stage

  • Monitoring of construction and completion milestones
  • Accounting, payment schedule and process payments
  • Client reporting of construction process

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