Space Planning

Now we go into the details of your spaces and at the end we should arrive at an approximate budget for this frame and enclosure. Please bear in mind that there are many additional factors that have a large impact on the costs like the type of soil which determines what type of foundation is required. Also grading of roads their drainage and other site work. Also the level of finishes, appliances and furniture can have a big impact on the total costs.
    This is a very important indicator for the estimation process. Bali Hip Roofs and Steel Frames with SIP panels start usually at the Mid Level. The chosen quality level influences also the choice of your finishes like flooring, bathroom tiles, countertops, doors windows, and detail level in general.
    Additional rooms like, extra guest rooms, office, library, yoga room, gym, ...
    A small powder room accessible usually from the main public area with a toilet and a small sink.
  • This is the total of your square feet so far.