Hardwood Shingle Roof

This ancient roofing material was used for centuries all over Asia, Europa and the northern USA. Its a sustainable renewable and green alternative which regrows and can be deposited after its use without any danger to the environment. The shingle roof gives our houses its Bali feel and its ancient look.

Our shakes are made out of a very durable and oily wood, are used untreated and have a lifespan of +40 years which is longer than most other roofing materials. We built our roof with a air gap between the ceiling and the shingle roof so air can pass up the roof and exit on top of it trough special air vents. This “cool roof” design helps with cooling the house but also reduces the noise level during our heavy rainstorm considerable.


  • Beautiful Bali Style
  • Durable with a live span of +40 years – steel close to the ocean has perhaps 5 years!
  • Cool roof design – no extra insulation needed
  • Silent – if you ever slept under a steel roof in the tropics you know the difference
  • Sustainable, green and organic
  • Absolute maintenance free

Aspalt Shingles

The main advantage of asphalt shingles is its unbeatable price which is lower than even the metal roofs used here in the country. Asphalt shingles are readily available and can be installed in a day or two which is a considerable advantage in the rainy season. One problem with Asphalt shingles especially the cheaper ones is the durability in the very hot sun over the years. As an oil based product it is also not really a green product.