Plan View - Hip Roof


Front View - Hip Roof


Side View - Hip Roof


Cut View - Hip Roof


Main Spec


This particular plan was created for a site with a narrow ridge line, thus needing an entry on one end. This required the bathroom, which is shared with the common areas, to be out under the overhang, but with absolute privacy.



Inside Walls : 648 sq.ft

Deck Area: 288 sq.ft

Roof Area: 1873 sq.ft

Core Price :   $ 124,750

Core per Sq.ft :   $ 66

Site Work :    $ 5,100


The Core refers to the main structure. The site work includes optional structures outside the Core, such as decks,  shown in the floor plan. Please see further information below of  what is included in that price.

The Core Sq.ft Price is calculated based on the roof size.

Core – What’s Included


Included in the core price is a simple pad foundation which is suitable for flat lots with good soils. A soil report from a reputable company is mandatory to confirm specific site requirements!

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Base Shell

The Base Shell consists of the raised sub floor. All SIP walls, the steel transom ventilation system, and a Sip panel roof with 6 foot roof overhang on all sides.

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Included in the price is a high end stone coated shingle roofing system over a 30 lb felt waterproofing layer. Also included is a Aluminium gutter and downspout system with leave guard.

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Windows and Doors

External Aluminium Windows & Doors. Internal Stained Wood Doors with Schlage Hardware.

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High End Square D electric Panel, Beticino Brand Matix Plugs and Switches.

More About Electric System


Built in LED lights and high end low energy fans throughout the house and deck according to standard lighting plan.

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Pex Plumbing System with Manablock and PEX built in plumbing boxes for lavatories, toilets, and showers.

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Plumbing Fixtures

High Quality name brand specifications include American Standard Toilets and Krause Showerheads and valves.

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Built In Cabinets

We build our own Bathroom furniture with water-resistant Egger panels and Quarz Countertops.  Kohler Bathroom Sinks and Krause faucets.

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Standard Interior Finishes

Internal walls and ceilings taped and plastered with a sand finish.  Stone floors and tiles according to allowances.

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Standard Exterior Finishes

External walls and ceiling taped and plastered with a course finish and integral color.

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Site Work  – What’s Included


Teal Color WPC Decking with hidden connectors and stainless steel screws.

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Outdoor Bathrooms

Usually we place the showers and sometimes even Bathtubs outside or on the deck.

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What’s Not Included

Drawings and Permits

We charge a fee to start the design process and adapt the floor plans to your needs, site and budget. This initial step allows us to accurately estimate the fees for the construction documents and other aspects of the total work. Permit fees get evaluated by the Costa Rica College of Engineers and the local municipality.

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Landscaping is not included in the estimates but we can assist in finding consultants to help with designing and planting surrounding areas. This can be as simple as ornamentals for viewing pleasure and as complex as fruit forests and home gardens for food independence.

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Depending on your budget we can assist with additional external structures, like pools, car ports, enclosed garages, additional deck area, yoga bales, additional shading systems, entrance gates and structures and more.

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Over the years we have designed a lot of custom made furniture for clients and would be happy to design and include a furniture package. We also have connections with interior designers such that can provide estimates for providing a move- in ready turnkey experience.

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Septic System

We will design a Septic system suitable to your soil and site conditions: Usually it’s a sealed vented concrete tank with a subsurface leach field, but other systems can be designed based on site conditions and project goals.

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Appliances like Refrigerators, Ranges, Air Conditioners, and Washing Machines are typically not part of our estimates but can certainly be sourced and included in a final bid. Cabinetry can be re-worked to fit a wide variety of choices.

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Customization Process

All of our floor plans are examples of what can be achieved within our system. We strive to stay flexible such that they can be combined and adapted to your wishes, as long as our modular building system stays intact. In the end we are neither custom architects nor custom builders, but a median of the two, with our eyes always on the prizes of speed, economy of means, and quality.


A lot of upgrades and customizations are possible, from additional deck areas, additional shade and shade systems, interior and exterior floor and wall finishes, etc. We can guide you to stay within your budget and achieve your dreams and finishes within our wide ranging choices.

What Effects The Final Price Most

Site Conditions

Site conditions vary a lot over the country and is the reason a soil report from a reputable engineer is mandatory! We also highly recommend getting a digital topography survey done from the main building area, including slopes, power lines, major trees drainages, etc. These site conditions help determine the placement of the parking areas and buildings, which then determine the foundation design. This can be one of the biggest cost factors effecting the final Estimate.


finishes and extras

We include a very nice base package in our buildings but obviously only your budget can limit the amount of possible details and finishes!