Generally, people share similar needs but at differing scales. We have a variety of base plans to choose from, wherein we don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time. Our portfolio includes a variety of plan types and sizes including micro pods, guest or stand alone cabins, and multi bedroom houses. But we are not cookie cutter, as adjustments related to view, orientation, and circulation patterns on each site can be made.

All of our floor plans can be combined with a variety of roof forms, from traditional ones to the more contemporary. Most of our buildings are single story and tend towards smaller spaces than bigger, as we believe that the most sustainable thing we can all do is to live more simply and allow nature to be more grand. In the tropics, the outside spaces are often used more than the indoor ones.

Bali Style Tropical Designs

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Model LT-12x12-V1
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Pods and Tree Houses

More Information POD-8x8-V1