Building in a foreign country with a different language, customs and rules can be a very challenging endeavor even for building profecionals. It takes time and lots of experience to stay clear of the many pitfalls in Costa Rica. ManuPrefab builds houses since 15 years in the southern zone and we did go trough our period in the beginning where we made our mistakes.

We are a Design and Build Company covering the entire process from the architecture design to the finished turnkey building with tropical landscaping. We even manage, take care and rent your place in our area while you are not in the country. We are very flexible and also offer everything in between from tropical design work, tropical interior design, tropical furniture design and production. You can even only buy the framing kit and build the house by yourselve or with the help of a small crew.

By combining the whole process under one roof we offer the following advantages:

  • Only one contact person in the entire process which simplifies payment, accounting and management time for you and us.
  • Single-point of responsibility for the entire process from the plan to the finished house
  • A consistant architectural design which flows though the entire process from the house design to the furniture and even the landscaping
  • Lower costs since we can distribute the profits though the entire construction plus we can lower costs by getting better prices where we subcontract like on required costa rican licensed plans, building materials and labour.
  • We prefabricate our frames, doors, windows and some wall elements in the shop which saves material and labour
  • We import directly to cut out the middle man so we can offer better prices for a given product than any other company in Costa Rica
  • Over 15 years experience in wood construction, lumber sourcing and general contracting in our area.
  • Experienced crew with the key people working with us from the beginning