Hardwood Decking is among the strongest and most resilient natural untreated decking materials available on the market today. An increasingly popular choice for both commercial and residential decking; it truly is one of the best decking product available in terms of strength, stability, durability, and natural resistance to decay, wet conditions, and infestation by termites and wood borers of all types. Our floors contain no harmful chemicals and can be used near water with no worry of contamination.

Hardwood Decking will maintain its structural integrity as it ages. If left untreated a hardwood deck will gradually age to a lustrous silver-grey.To retain the rich colors, we recommend a high quality penetrating oil finish with ultraviolet inhibitors. Regular cleaning and reapplication of finish will ensure that the wood retains its beauty for many years.

Class A Fire Rating: Hardwood Decking have a class A fire rating, the same rating given to concrete and steel.

Advantages of Hardwood Decks in Costa Rica

  • Organic and sustainable material
  • Basically maintenance free
  • Light weight and can be used on steep hill sites
  • Relatively low cost decking solution in Costa Rica
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Increasing the amount of usable outdoor space