ManuPrefab a Home Builder in Costa Rica is a design build modular prefabrication company with a kit of parts type product line. We have a 15 year track record of creating customizable solutions for tropical environments. Our newest line of homes, called the Light Touch, are designed to minimize impact on customer sites by factory prefabrication of all the parts, thus allowing the whole assembly to flat pack ship anywhere and be assembled in far faster than site built constructions, and without need for heavy equipment. Site work is limited to the foundation, as well as interior and exterior finishes. We believe in quality over quantity, and strive for fast solutions at reasonable prices such that the whole process of achieving dreams can be done with more ease, less stress, and less impact on the environment. Contact us to see how we can help shape your dreams into reality.


One Stop Shopping

With our turn key delivery, you will have one entity to work with, from design through permitting and construction. No need to work with an architect who isn’t required to get your permit and often doesn’t supply the contractor with all the information needed to build the project. This is guaranteed to result in less headaches and stress and minimizes misunderstandings.


Custom one off design dreams take loads of time and are hard to pull off without large amounts of supervision. Our approach starts with cookie cutter plans that can be customized to your dreams and individual parcels of land. But because all of our offerings are built within the same approach, we can deliver within faster time lines than is the norm.


We’ve developed our own building system because there are lots of benefits to factory precision, with higher quality standards being a big one. We can build year round in a clean well lit space. All of our assemblies and finishes are created within company standards. Our build teams also know these standards, so it’s also easier for them to execute each project on time without sacrifices.


Small is the new big. The most sustainable thing we can all do as humans is to live with less, and allow nature to be large. Unlike many construction projects which are akin to war zones in the jungle, we keep the majority of noisy activity away from the site. Neighbors, human and other, will thank you. We also build above the landscape, such that grading and erosion control can be minimized, and vegetation can be maximized.


We provide affordability based on tailoring a budget to program needs and site constraints and by offering a variety of sizes to choose from. What we promise is also what is delivered, without surprises and tail light warranties. We are not the cheapest player in the market and don’t aim to be. With our speed come big savings in on site labor costs. Client affordability can be ascertained much more quickly from the outset and tailored by our expertise in both architecture and construction.

Where do we build?

Our factory is based on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica, just north of Quepos/Manuel Antonio. Our current work ranges from the immediate vicinity, North to the Nicoya Peninsula and Guanacaste, and South to the Osa, and into the Central Valley. Projects further afield or in other countries can be discussed, though pricing estimates will be higher.

Home Builder in Costa Rica

Over 15 ears ago we started building high end modular prefabricated tropical homes in the southern Zone in Costa Rica. The first buildings where Bali Style timber frames out of Hardwoods. Recently we extended our product line with modern prefabricated structures built with Sip panels.

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Construction

We think that a combination of a Galvanized Steel Frame for the sub structure in combination with SIP panels is a modern highly efficient and green solution with saves time and money. It can be prefabricated in the shop including the plumbing and the electric and can be delivered to the site ready to be raised. SIP panels provide a complete building envelope for floors, walls and roofs. The system offers a fast, energy efficient, weather and mold resistant alternative to a conventional way of building. More about SIP Construction