Main Elements of a Tropical Bali Style Construction

  • Sufficient Airflow is one of the most important aspect for the tropical home design. Stale and non moving air will bring rot, fungus and mold into your house.
  • Large Roof Overhangs and covered outside areas protect us from the strong sun during the day and from the heavy rains in the afternoons and during the nights.
  • High ceilings and steep pitched roof design. The higher the room the more air will be available inside the house so hot air can rise up and vent through the roof. High pitched roofs also drain the amounts of water coming down during the rainy season better.
  • Open floor plans with lots of outdoor space. Living rooms, bathrooms, showers and even the kitchen can be outside under a covered porch.
  • Water features like pools, ponds and reflecting ponds not only help to cool the body but also cool the house when warm air gets cooled over them.
  • Walls are basically complementary and essentially not necessary in the tropical climate. Even most indigenous houses in the tropics are still just a couple posts with a roof on top.

Bali Style Construction Floor Plans

The Modular7 Pavilion is the most versatile tropical design we offer.  The floor plans featured below are based on a 7 foot grid. That means all main points like posts, corners and walls fall on that grid. This gives the possibility to easily change the layout and add or subtract parts of the design. Most of the designs are also stackable for multi story buildings. This floor plans are meant to be a starting point to find the perfect design for your future dream house.

Those plans can also be combined into bigger compounds with multiple bedrooms and guesthouses.  This so called Pavilion style architecture originally from Bali fits very good into our tropical climate. In its extreme form all rooms like bedrooms or the kitchen living room unit can be built as separate structures in one compound. Some of them can be completely open to the elements for a truly indoor and outdoor living experience.

The possibilities are endless and we will work with you to find the perfect solution with fits you budget, lot size and your dreams.

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Potoo Floor Plans

The Potoo design features an old Bali Design classic which is used since generations for family houses in East Java. The basic outlay features a wrap around porch, high ceilings and the stylish roof supported by 4 heavy posts.