The main structure of the house consists of a hardwood timber frame which is the main load bearing structure. The frame is built with heavy timbers sizes 6/6 and 3/6 which gives the heavy and strong timber look. The connections are traditional joinery and some elements are reinforced with hidden steel connectors. The frame by itself is very rigid and can be used without walls elements in between and minimal bracing for example for a open air pavilion or gazebo. For larger structures usually a couple walls have to be braced and filled in to give the house higher earthquake resistance.

We use Brazilian Cherry as our main structural wood since its termite proof, stable and can be finished beautifully. As a finish we use a couple coats of Tung oil only which is a natural oil it is organic and without chemical additives. This oil finish brings the natural beauty out of the wood which gets even better over the years when the timbers age properly.

A Timber Frame built out of Brazilian Cherry is a natural, long lasting and stunningly beautiful!

We built our structures mainly out of tropical hardwood and pressure treated pine since we believe wood has a couple advantages over traditional building materials especially in Costa Rica.

  1. Weight: Wood is much lighter than the typical block or concrete construction which is a major advantage not only for the frequent earthquakes we have in our area but also for the weak soil and steep hill sites the houses are usually located on.
  2. Durable: Tropical Hardwoods are very durable and can withstand the harsh climate close to the ocean. Even concrete seems to crumble over the years in the tropics. Some of the oldest buildings were built with the same timbers we use and are still standing after more than a century.
  3. Maintenance Free: We use only oil based products to coat our timbers which means no painting or sanding required.
  4. Sustainable and absolutely Green: Timber is the only building material which regrows over time. We source our timbers from hurricane wood or fallen trees so no old growth gets cut down. Also Timber is organic and chemical free which means a antiallergic and chemical free environment.
  5. Prefab Material: Wood naturally lends itself to a prefab shop production which cuts down on waste and construction time.