Construction Permit Costs and Fees in Costa Rica

By August 30, 2013construction

Standard fees recommended by the College of Engineers in Costa Rica. Below is a breakdown of the costs associated with the construction permit the plans and Government Fees in [%] of the construction estimate or CIFA value:

Design Cost:

  • Architecture Fee (2% of CIFA)
  • Building Plans and Technical specification (4% of CIFA)
  • Construction Estimate (1.5% – 2% of CIFA)


  • CIFA or college of Engineers – (0.25% of CIFA)
  • Municipality (1% of CIFA)


  • Caja or Social Security: (34% of worker salary during the construction)
  • I.N.S or Instituto National de Seguros: (1.239% of CIFA)

Inspection or technical direction:

  • Weekly Engineer visit (5% of CIFA)

Soil Tests

  • Castro de la Torre charges about ($2500)
  • Vieto charges about ($1500)