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The Pavilion is the most versatile and modular design we offer. Its layout is based on a 7 foot by 7 foot grid which means that posts and divisions are within 7 feet. This allows for modern, flexible and open designs! Different plan sections like bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen or a laundry room can be easily rearranged or changed within this grid.

The options are endless – from a small 14×14 feet pod used as a yoga studio to a large 70ft long three bedroom structure with 3 bedrooms and all amenities. Plans can also be stacked for multistory buildings.


  • 3 different roof forms – (roof forms)
  • various roofing options (roofing options)
  • multiple bedroom and bathroom combinations
  • sizes in 7 feet increments from 14×14 feet to 70×21 feet
  • stackable for multistory buildings
  • wrap around porch or front porch only
  • built in hardwood, pine or conventional framing or any combination
  • lightweight construction suitable for steep hill sides

Please see also our new Online Estimator for options and prices.