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The floor plans featured below are based on a modular 7 foot grid. That means all main points like posts, corners and walls fall on that grid. This gives the possibility to easily change the layout and add or subtract parts of the design. Most of the designs are also stackable for multi story buildings. This floor plans are meant to be a starting point to find the perfect design for your future dream house.

Those plans can also be combined into bigger compounds with multiple bedrooms and guesthouses.  This so called Pavilion style architecture originally from Bali fits very good into our tropical climate. In its extreme form all rooms like bedrooms or the kitchen living room unit can be built as separate structures in one compound. Some of them can be completely open to the elements for a truly indoor and outdoor living experience.

The possibilities are endless and we will work with you to find the perfect solution with fits you budget, lot size and your dreams.

Please see also our new Online Estimator for options and prices.