No other product has been able to replace solid hardwood flooring as the most durable and beautiful floor available. Solid unfinished flooring can be sanded and refinished many times, offering a floor which will last a lifetime. Our flooring is precision milled with the highest quality equipment available.

Our rough lumber blanks are air dried for a minimum of three months prior to kiln drying – this process slowly removes moisture from the wood without shocking the material when it enters the kiln. Proper air drying will bring the lumber moisture content down close to fiber saturation point, typically around 25% moisture content. Ideally, when lumber enters the kilns the individual pieces are at approximately the same starting moisture content. The pre-drying or air drying process helps to achieve this ideal.

Our unfinished hardwood flooring products define the classic, high quality premium hardwood floor. Sanding and finishing on site is the only way to achieve a perfectly flat and smooth hardwood floor. We have the best equipment in the area to do the job right the first time. From special hardwood pneumatic nailers to high quality sanding and finishing equipment.

Advantages of a Hardwood Floor:

  • Organic, natural allergy free flooring material
  • Hardwood flooring will increase the value of your home
  • Comparatively inexpensive in Costa Rica
  • Light weight material for earthquake prone areas