Please use the below calculation work sheet to get a rough estimate for a Pavilion 56x21ft plus a 7 foot wide porch in the front with different options and extras. All line items include labour and all social security costs.

Pavilion 56x14 feet with two Bedrooms

Pavilion 56×14 feet with two Bedrooms


Estimation Sheet

Choose between different materials, extras, furniture and fixtures and get the estimated total calculated at the end of the page.

    The foundation consists of the main connection of the house frame to the site. We highly recommend a soil study before starting since the soil in costa rica varies a lot and the foundation design depends on local soil conditions.

    The simplest foundation is a slab on grade which is basically a concrete plate poured on grade. It can or should only be done on flat construction sites to avoid retaining walls and it has the disadvantage that all plumbing and electric installations are poured into the slab.

    For hill sites we highly recommend concrete piles or helical piers as by far the best foundation method for our difficult soils and the seismic activity in the area. Also a raised pile foundation can be built over hillsides and usually requires no earth movement or other site work which is good for the environment and also saves money. Plus the electric and the plumbing stays accessible.
    The frame is the main structure of the house and can be built with hardwood, pine or conventional with drywall or SIP panels. The frame consists of the wall structure and also the roof frame which we usually detail as a Bali hip roof.
    The ceiling is the inside exposed part of the roof structure. Our roof construction and ceilings are mostly open vaulted ceilings where the beautifully detailed wood is exposed and visible.
    Your roofing choice depends on the budget but also on design preferences and inherent qualities. Hardwood shingle roofs are more expensive but will last longer and are much more quiet than conventional roofs like steel or asphalt especially close to the ocean.
    We produce high end hardwood doors and windows in our own shop. We can also include aluminium windows and doors which we source in the country. All options include all standard hardware.
    Please choose which flooring type you prefer. We use lightweight materials like hardwood flooring but also sand stones for bathrooms and kitchen. The hardwood flooring is real 3/4 inch full hardwood sanded and sealed with tung oil.
    The decking and covering for outdoor spaces depends on your site conditions and the foundation system we choose. The Sandstone decking can only be used on flat sites with a slab on grade. All other options can also be used on steeper hillsides in combination with a treated pine frame. We only use stainless steel hardware on our decking products.
    Please choose if we should include the plumbing. We use mainly PEX plumbing for the cold and hot water system which has various advanatges besides the better price than local systems. For grey water and black water we use only high pressure tubing with proper venting and septic tanks and drain fields.
    Please choose if we should include the electric. We use high end Square D products for main breakers and panels and follow the US and local electric codes.

    We usually use now 12V LED systems for lighting which are higher in price but save you in the long run plus they are fire safe since the bulbs don't heat up.

    For heating we use mainly Electric On Demand Water heaters.
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