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Construction Prices Costa Rica

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We get a lot of questions concerning the Construction Prices in Costa Rica and are confronted sometimes by very unrealistic assumptions. I will go through a couple here and try...

Environmental Impact Evaluation Setena Permits D1, D2

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The local municipal which is in charge of issuing building permits now sometimes requires a ruling by SETENA the costa rican environmental agency before they will issue a building permits for…

The Construction Management Process

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Building a house in Costa Rica is a complicated process involving several parties with the need of detailed construction management to assure that the construction will be finished in budget…

Quality, Training and Design Philosophy of Engineers and Architects in Costa Rica

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Without going into too much details here I would say most local design professionals and engineers overcharge and under deliver by a huge margin. Especially architects design here without any…

Main Factors that influence the total construction cost in Costa Rica

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Here is a list of the main factors which influence the total construction cost and also the future costs running the property. Most of them are obvious but perhaps its…

Construction Prices in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica

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People considering travel to Costa Rica are aware it is no longer an inexpensive country to visit. Prices for hotels, food and transpiration are much higher than in neighboring countries….

Hiring uninsured workers or contractors can mean big trouble for the land owner

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Every person hired to work in Costa Rica must be provided with two insurance policies. It is mandatory and punishable by law not to insure people you employ. The Caja…

Construction Permit Costs and Fees in Costa Rica

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Standard fees recommended by the College of Engineers in Costa Rica. Below is a breakdown of the costs associated with the construction permit the plans and Government Fees in [%]…