About ManuPrefab

ManuPrefab specializes in the engineering, design and construction of high-end, prefabricated, Bali Style Homes, post and beam structures and furniture made out of certified tropical hardwoods.

At our production site in Dominical Costa Rica we use traditional techniques to produce high quality, esthetically pleasing wood post and beam structures. We source only recycled or sustainable harvested dry hardwoods for our timber frames, interior wood floors, decking, wall elements, windows and doors.

Our Mission

We believe that sustainable, well-designed tropical buildings should be accessible and affordable to more people. To achieve this we have simplified the building process by choosing a off-site modular fabrication as our means to create beautiful, eco-friendly and truly tropical homes.

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Tropical Design

Tropical Design

We specialize in structures built for the humid tropical climate which can withstand the elements and make use of the prevalent cooling airflows.

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Timber Frame


Building for the tropics requires different construction approaches and techniques and uses materials suitable for the harsh environment.

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